Give me one reason – Tracy Chapman

June 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

Licence to kill

April 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Give me a bazooka,
To kill those racist flies,
That fly around spreading hatred.

Give me cyanide,
To poison those racist rats,
Who hover around and turn a blind eye.

Give me the licence to kill,
I would use it very wisely,
To wipe out the disease of the world.


April 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

Forgiveness was on sale,
Ninety percent off,for years,
And you have taken it,
For granted.

Forgiveness would come at a cost,
An angel decides to retire,
Her strength has gone,
Her heart is crushed under the tire,
She was pushed off a cliff,
Her body is cold, her heart is stiff,
Horns are popping out,
Hell yeah, this is what I’m talking about!

Here come the transformation,
She raises and takes an action.

Backing off

April 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

Don’t come to me,
This heart is shattered,
It can not see.

Skinny dipping in a pool of silence,
I fall,
It is too heavy, I lost my balance.

Refusing to stand up again,
These skinny legs are too tired,
We know, there’s nothing I would gain.

Don’t come to me, we have gone,
Go to them,
For I am not a closet you can pee on.

Behind the white

April 8, 2014 § 1 Comment

You’ve drained out my tears,
No! No! Not for the fears,
You may kill me with a spear,
But before that…
Tell me that I was right, my dear.

I’ve been invisible under your skin,
I look so small and thin,
The glare of your colour blinded them,
I was only a tiny sperm,
To them I’m invisible,
Or they do not wish to see, eventhough they were able.

When waking up costs so much pain,
I’d rather wasting my time in vain,
I would kill,
For a pill,
That would put me to sleep,
So then I do not need to weep.

Dignity is in danger

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I’m exhausted,
To be a single fighter,
Fight to protect my dignity,
While I’ve got a knight on my side.

When mate and stranger,
Are always be on the right,
And it’s wrong to have the reason to fight,
Fight back for my dignity was in danger.

Then tell me when would I be right?
When the competition is tight,
“They should not make you cry.”
“They are only bunch of retards.”
Those what you can say, at least try,
Say that they are only bastards!

I don’t need you to punch, I can do it,
What I need you is to admit,
That it was wrong, the word, the action,
Not helping them to find justification.

The storm is coming

April 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

Sit in the middle of a field,
A barren rocky field,
Dark cloud up above,
I see no pigeon nor a dove,
Wind is slapping around,
Dust flies over the gound.

Can’t I see?
Storm is coming towards me,
Nearest shelter is miles away,
Here I am sitting still and feel grey,
Don’t you know what is coming?
You’re sitting still and humming,
Let the storm comes,
You’ve still got my arms.

But darling,
We’d be struck by lightning,
Your arms would be no good if we are dying,
I’d look for a shelter, I’m leaving,
Are you coming or staying?

The wind, sun and rain

April 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

O thou mighty wind,
Blow me away,
Whisper me love,
Let me dance and sway.

O thou mighty Sun,
Melt my mind,
Burn this heart of mine,
Let me be empty and weightless.

O thou gentle rain,
Wet this dry fate,
Pour on me,
And let me live again.


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