Give me one reason – Tracy Chapman

June 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

Matter no more

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Let me fade away,

Vanish in the mist,

For there is nothing left for me to see,

Let me erase us,

For now, there is only you and I,

The sweet scent of berry bush has gone,

You with your new world,

I, being left out.

There is nothing left,

We are robbed by distance and time,

Feelings, is something you never understand,

Touch, is something you can always buy,

From a dark corner of a street,

Love, is what you take for granted.

I will keep what we ever had,

The kisses in the rain, 

A hug when I was in pain,

Pats on the patch of your head.

I bid you good bye,

For us and I, matter no more.

Take my heart away

February 8, 2016 § Leave a comment

What is tears?

Drops of salty liquid that give you red nose, and bulgy eyes.

No, you won’t look cute like Rudolph,

More to a horrendous clown, 

It’s caused by the stupid heart that chose to run wild,

Run against all the logics that brain presented in details. 

What is heart?

Lump of gooey thing, 

That causes all the troubles,

A thing that I sometimes wish I never had.

A walking dead

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When it feels that there’s nothing to wake up for,

A good night sleep has become a scarry story,

Dreams are dark and frightening,

What do you live for?

When being awake is scarier,

Sleeps have also become your enemy,

Where are you going to hide?

I am alive but not living,

A walking piece of meat,

Alive but dead,

I am a zombie,

I am the nightmare of my nights.

Killing the time

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I am killing the time, For it goes so slow,

It stops and will not move.
I am killing the memories,

For it is too sweet to be kept,

Hurt my teeth more than my head.
I am killing you, 

As I have to be strong alone,

You’re not there when I need to moan.
I am killing the pain, 

I am killing me.

Bullet train

January 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

It comes unannounced, 

It’s fast, so fast,

I know not where it’s taking me,

Sleepless nights,

Random thoughts, 

Fears and tears pouring out,

For no reason…….

Don’t take me there,

To a dark cold scarry place

where I used to be.

Searching for the button,

To make it stops.

Will I find it tomorrow?

Or will it be too late? 

Tears pouring down for no reason, 

Random thoughts cramp in for some reason.

“No knife thoughts, tho.”

– That’s good

“No pill thoughts either.”

– Excellent!

“Not that I didn’t think about it, it’s the fact that I can’t get it.”

– Hmmm

“No, none of you understand.”

It will stop at its will, 

Or God knows, which dark place it’s taking me this time. 

Something is not quite right

December 31, 2015 § Leave a comment

I saw your smile,

you are very distant, 

I read your words,

Now most of them are icing on the cake,

I sense your hesitant, 

As if you’d prefer to be with someone else, 

At the same time, you do not want to break me.

I am a little turd,

I go with the flow,

If someday you fly away,

I’ll show you that I’m not made of clay.

Reversed psychology 

December 31, 2015 § Leave a comment


Is it when you can’t deny you feel that something is peculiar,

instead, you still tell him to go out and have some fun? 


Is it when you tell the truth and keep a small fraction to yourself? 


Is it when you give a little token of your presence, while you actually do not want to be there at all?


Is it when you keep going while you actually want to walk away, because you are feeling guilty? 


Is it when you pretend, that all you need is there, when it’s actually not? 

I sense, 

I observe, 

I wait.

Hidden things will reveal themselves,

Covered things will slowly open up,

As much as I want them to remain hidden, 

in silence.


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