Give me one reason – Tracy Chapman

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When I was ill, 

He spent his time with me, laying on the bed, quietly.

When I gained a few kilos, 

He bit me just the same, 

Not a word he said, like “those trousers look tight on you.”

When my face was at its worst, 

He loved and kissed me, and saw no differences,

He didn’t say ” people think she was my nanny.” to break the ice,

Humans still need to learn to love unconditionally, 

He already knew.

He give me scratches, 

He jumps on me,

He licks me,

He bites me,

He loves me, unconditionally.

Where is it?

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It’s not here.Can it be there? 

Sitting quietly under a frangipani tree in Dharmaraja Mawatha? 

Or, is it having a walk on the muddy path in Sohodol Valley? 

Can it be sipping cold Tiger in Portuguese Settlement? 

Or strolling a long the dusty street of Al Ghubra? 

Where is it? 

It’s not here.

Can it be rummaging that little art shop in Berko? 

Maybe I left it in the little church in Burano,


All I know, it’s not here, with me. 


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He went missing,

The lads are shoutting and calling, 

One starts sulking,

“Without him, I can’t sleep”

They weep.

The young lad spot a ginger blob,

Then they no longer sob,

“He’s under the car!”

One takes some treats out of the jar,

“Oh you stupid cat!”

They shout with joy,  give him hugs and kisses,

And I can hear the cat hisses.

Letting you go

November 30, 2016 § Leave a comment

When you are healthy,

Please do not forget who was spending nights by your side, as you were laying helpless,

When you are happy,

Please do not forget who was holding your hand, as you were frightened and shivering, 

When you feel you can get any woman you want,

Please do not forget the person who love you, when you were impossible to love. 

My love,

I am not the most exotic bird, you wish you could have,

The years have eaten me up, and I see grey hair in my head, more than ever, 

And I am still holding on to what we have got, but, 

if it is no longer enough, you’ve got no handcuff,

Set yourself free…….

A pitcher of beer, cigs and a wandering mind

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My heart sinks in a jug of beer,

My nights getting darker, 

Why there’s no more tears,

Pathetic love song in the air, 

Full of illusions, 

Empty hopes.

The froth in the glass is like my life,

Slowly fade and disappear, 

Melt together with bitterness,

My mind is wandering and asking questions,

Why am I not like those people in your eyes?

Why can they be so flawless?

Why mistakes are the only thing I can make? 

What do I have to do, so you will stand on my side? 

Why does it hurt so much?

I try to find the anwsers in every puff,

in the crackling sound of my clove cigarettes, 

I found nothing, but, I will never win,

if the battles involving other persons.

I down it….bitter……


September 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

When enough is

enough to kill every feelings inside,

enough to make me think back about everything,

enough to give me strength to walk away,

enough to not to care anymore,

enough to not to love, 

enough to blow the last kiss,

enough to make me say the last word,


What it feels like

September 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

It starts creeping up, 

Find its way to get inside my head, 

Like little maggots having a feast, 

It starts strangling me, 

Losing my ability to breathe,

As if I was hung alive,

It starts filling up my heart,

With the feeling of frustration,

For there is no move I am allowed to make,

I am afraid not of them,

Me is my biggest fear, 

If I lost it, I will send you a letter from afar.