Give me one reason – Tracy Chapman

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August 25, 2016 § Leave a comment

The sky is dark, and it’s drizzling,

I hear thunder, I see lightning,

I knew it’s coming, 

But have you ever listened to the omens? 

As the wind blows,

And nights whisper,
The soil is hardened,

It starts to crack, 

There’s a wide gap, ready to throw me back,

But have you ever seen the signs?

Have you ever…….?

Early evening

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One early evening,

The richness of Guinness filled the poverty of my mind,

The judging stare from the chics who acted like a bunch of princesses, 

They judged me, my clove cigarettes and beer,

They whispered, looked at me and laughed,

 “Look there’s a hoe sitting across us.” Another giggle I heard, 

The white man came and pulled the chair in front of me,

He asked about my day,

I wanted not to answer, 

I threw a quick look around, one of the princesses was busy painting her face,

I tempted to lend her the crayons in my bag,

The other one stuck her tongue out and took a selfie,

I started to observe, 

Bottles of mineral water on their table,

One early evening,

I wished the richness of Guinness would fill their poor judgemental mind, and lighten up their hearts,

For me to be able to sit quitely in my own world, without any judgemental look thrown aimed at me. 


August 9, 2016 § Leave a comment

There is nothing left of me,

I have sacrificed everything I had,

Faith, hope, dream and love,

Only to be trampled by empty words, 

Flesh and blood,

Soulless face,

Grey hair,

stare at emptiness,

If the Sun still shines tomorrow,

There still be rage,

Endless disappointment,

Sweet poisonous mouth you listened to, 

Has crushed my soul and crucified the last hope I had.

I died,

Resuscitate me…….



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The pain feels so real,

Dreams run away and hide, 

I no longer understand what I feel,

I have become Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,

They have slaughtered my hopes,

I sewed them back together again,

Excruciatingly painful,

My soul has become Frankenstein, 

Show me not what life is all about,

When dreams have been shattered,

Hopes have been scattered,

At last, my soul is knackered. 

The end of a journey

May 21, 2016 § Leave a comment

I am having a strong urge to write a complete nonsense,

I am having a strong will to curse at people,

I am giving out my “I don’t give a fuck” attitude freely,

When I screamed for help, you didn’t seem to listen,

When I stumbled and fell, you told me to get up,

I have been trying to stay strong for over a thousand days,

I have been hit by an endless storm,

I tried, I did,

Now I am failing everything, 

For the strength is no longer there, 

For the urge to keep on going has walked out without saying good bye, 

Now I am failing,

I will find my own path, go to where I belong, 

If it means I need to leave you all behind, I will…….

For I don’t belong to this society, that constantly wanting to trade my dignity with money,

For I don’t belong here, where people are quick to judge, 

For I don’t belong to any places, where society isolate me for having different perspectives. 

What it feels like

May 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

It starts creeping up, 

Find its way to get inside my head, 

Like little maggots having a feast, 

It starts strangling me, 

Losing my ability to breathe,

As if I was hanged, alive,

It starts filling up my heart,

With the feeling of frustration,

For there is no move I am allowed to make,

I am afraid not of them,

Me is my biggest fear, 

If I lost it, I will send you a letter from afar. 

The rant

May 10, 2016 § Leave a comment

I’m hugging a bottle of white rum,

The pressure is big, the pain is bigger, 

I am made of steel and rubber, that what you expect of me,

Someone who is unbreakable, stronger than the hardest rock, 

While I have witnessed you break down many times,

I do what you wish me to, I will keep on walking, 

Losing me is not the thing you’re afraid of, it’s the three hundred dollars bill,

You listen to me not, yet you always come back to me whenever you stumble and fall, 

I am gulping the rum straight from the bottle,

It sees through me, things those are invisible to you,

It mends my wound, the one you think it’s never been there,

It embrace my weaknesses, when you keep telling me to be strong, 

It sees me breaking down, when you see me not. 


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