Before you go

January 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s been more than a thousand nights
countless tears and laughters
dreams and wishes
hugs and kisses
arguments and fights
That beating lump on the left side of the chest
still playing the same melody
writing the same words
whispering the same name
not going faster, it’s getting slower
may be it will come to rest
Love songs has turned in to a lament
when nightmares come to an end
become reality
the ghosts come alive
memories become available for rent
If my river of tears is your happiness
let me hug you one more time
sheltering in your arms for one more night
kissing those lips that have been kissed for million times
running my fingers through your fine sandy hair
just like thousand nights before
dive in those blue eyes and drown
I will give you my smile, promise I won’t frown
go find your little starlet, one you can’t find in my darkness
When it comes the time for you to wave your hand
every time you hear those kissing bird singing
remember me,
remember us, used to be
when spring comes and little bunnies hope around
remember me,
remember us, used to be
Be happy
Be free
I will always be here,
if you ever need me…….


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