Tale of sisterhood

March 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

I ran only to pull your long hair
I said you were like a mare
it was only you and I
when you were quiet I poked your eye
here came the third one, little bundle in pink
who couldn’t even blink
her eyes were so narrow
tiny like a sparrow
time goes by
and you said bye-bye
you live happily in your burrow
now is only me with the sparrow
being lull in your comfort zone
doesn’t bother about us being hit by a cyclone
sparrow and I having our own adventure in life
you’re becoming submissive and a good wife
I thought we’re going to be together
the sisterhood will stick in any weather
I was wrong,
little sparrow is strong
do enjoy your comfort zone
lick that sweet strawberry ice cream cone
don’t let it melt away
what you enjoy now you will have to pay
we’ll be sitting on Seychelles bay
we can’t catch you when you fall
it’s not that we want you to crawl.

It’s only the two of us now
you have said goodbye, now we say ciao!

Ciao bella
I’ll grab my fags and enjoy my Stella
in another part of the world sparrow is sipping her wine
our bond is as strong as long twine.


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